Digital Outpatient Check-In

Digital Outpatient Check-In gives your patients the freedom to check-in for their appointment through text or email, eliminating the need for self service kiosks, patient portals or mobile application downloads.

Staff are alleviated from manually managing patient queues and wait times, while patients are no longer confined to designated waiting areas.

The entire Digital Outpatient Check-In process is

managed virtually and includes:

  • Patients’ ability to digitally check-in via text or email when they’ve arrived at your clinic
  • ‘Smart’ technology coordinates and manages patient queues to avoid bottlenecks
  • Providing patients with dynamically updated accurate wait times
  • Automatically notify patients when they are ready to be seen and providing waypath instructions
  • Obtaining visibility and manage acceptable rates of overbooking
  • Reducing no-shows and cancellations

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