Maximize Outpatient Flow

Maximizing Outpatient Flow allows clinicians to focus on what is most important - caring for their patient. It coordinates all manual hand-offs that occur throughout the clinic, reducing error and improving patient outcomes.

Optimizing Outpatient Flow gives you complete visibility of all operational activities and identifies root causes of inefficiencies and disruptions, while providing valuable insights for organizational improvement. 

With Maximizing Outpatient Flow, 

You’ll be able to:

  • Maximize Outpatient Flow across multiple waiting areas and treatment/care pathways
  • Automatically reroute patients to prevent treatment and waiting area bottlenecks
  • Eliminate manual handoffs ensuring true coordination of care
  • Manage patient throughput and capacity to address clinical staffing shortages and bed capacity
  • Ensure that best practice clinical pathways are consistently utilized
  • Track patient transitions within and outside of your facility

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