Outpatient Engagement & Reminders

Outpatient Engagement and Reminders leverages 'smart’ technology, enabling you to provide relevant and up to date information to your patients for every step of their care journey.

Outpatient Engagement goes beyond exchanging information with patients and sending them reminders. It’s helping your patients understand what to expect during their appointment, and how to prepare for their visit.

With Outpatient Engagement and Reminders, 

You’ll be able to:

  • Restore patient confidence in their personal safety by sending them information regarding changes you’ve made to safety protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Reduce no-shows by providing patients with automated appointment reminders
  • Drive patient experience improvement with patient satisfaction surveys
  • Integrate patient experience data with operational & EHR data in order to provide a complete view of the patient journey
  • Improve patient-clinician engagement with consistent communication and education
  • Reduce patient leakage by improving the patient experience

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